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The Classic


pressed metal panels

Transform your ceilings or give your walls the Classic look of traditional pressed metal with these easy to install, rust-proof and lightweight PVC panels.  Use them to turn your peeling old ceiling into a character feature or use on walls to give a waist-high traditional accent.


Ready to paint in your choice of finishes these pressed metal "lookalike" panels are also great for bathrooms, showers, hallways, feature walls and commercial use. 

pressed metal panels

Product Features

  • Looks exactly like pressed metal panels for half the cost

  • Easy to DIY install – use flat head screws or simply glue in place to cover old or new surfaces

  • Paint ready

  • Can be cut to size with scissors

  • Multiple uses: ceilings, bathrooms, feature walls, window and plant boxes, verandah rail in-fills, commercial applications etc.

  • Suitable for external and internal use

  • Can be used for renovation or new build

  • More economical than pressed metal panels 

  • Strong UV proof PVC (fire retardant added)

  • Do not use near a naked flame


 Product Detail

  • Coverage Size: 1200mm X  900mm (coverage 1.08 sq mtrs) 

  • Actual sheet sheet size: 1215mm x 910mm

  • Lightweight  - each panel only 1.2 kilo and 1mm thick / Box weight 25 Kilo

  • 15 sheets per pack cover a standard ceiling size 16.2 sq meters     (3.6m x 4.5m)


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